Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Photo Fun

Fall is my favorite time of year, so the last few weekends I’ve been making it a priority to head out with my camera for a few hours, usually on Sunday afternoon.

First stop has been to see how the demolition of St. Joseph Hospital is going. Here are my shots from October 10 and 18th.
The Harbor House is all decked out for autumn, although the trees haven’t been cooperating this season. The colors have been very slow in coming along the lake.
Down Broadway, the former Lorain National Bank recently received a larger Northwest sign (below) to replace the puny one erected during the initial changeover (back here).
I stopped out in Wakeman last Sunday to visit an old friend, and shot this old stone arch railroad bridge in town there. I asked historian and archivist Dennis Lamont via email for a positive I.D. on the bridge, and he said it was used by "Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway (LS&MS), Southern Division – Elyria, Oberlin, Kipton, Wakeman and points west." Dennis also pointed out that "the bridge is privately owned and well-preserved.” See, you gotta know who to ask about these things!
Coming back from Wakeman on U.S. Route 20, I couldn’t believe the shapes of some of the clouds (below). It reminded me of the kind of mushroom cloud you might see in an explosion in an old Heckle and Jeckle cartoon.
Since I really wanted to see some fall foliage, at one point on Sunday I headed out to one of my favorite areas – Gore Orphanage Road and the various roads leading to it. Finally – some color.
This is the closed section of Gore Orphanage Road that heads north towards the Swift ruins
Otherwise, most of what I saw driving around in the countryside last Sunday looked like this (below).

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