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The Pueblo – Part 5

May 2, 1953 Lorain Journal ad
Although the Pueblo was not to be found in the city directories of the late 1940s and early 1950s, it continued to appear in the phone book with the same 63-596 phone number it had for years.

But a Lorain Journal ad for the Pueblo from Friday, May 2, 1953 (above), shows that changes were taking place. Rather than emphasizing fine dining and elegant surroundings, the Pueblo ad focused on the acts that were appearing: Jerri Kaye (TV Singing Star), Mickey Collis (Tap Dancing Star) and Margie Lee (Exotic Dancer). Red McClellen and his Famous Music Makers provided music for dancing.

The Pueblo continued to evolve.

 As the matchbook below shows, the restaurant’s name was changed slightly to El Pueblo.

Courtesy Paula Shorf
This ad (below) that ran in the ‘Restaurants’ listings in the back of the November 1953 Lorain Telephone Company directory confirmed that the name was now El Pueblo. The restaurant also had a brand new 56-517 phone number.

The ad seems to indicate an attempt to return to the emphasis on fine dining and the catering of special events such as parties, weddings and banquets.
The name of a new owner – John Giannini – was revealed in a Lorain Sunday News ad from July 1954 (below).
Here’s a copy of El Pueblo’s listing in the 1954 Lorain Country Farm & Rural Directory.
It’s unclear whether the new marketing strategy of stressing fine cuisine was successful. But by 1955, ads were once again promoting the Pueblo mainly as a nightclub. A February 26, 1955 Journal ad (below) announced an appearance by The Hillbilly Band.
Another ad that ran in the Lorain Journal on March 5, 1955 (below) promoted the “Way Down Yonder Music” of Jimmie Armstrong and His Western Ramblers. 
Meanwhile, something else was about to have an effect on El Pueblo’s fortunes: the widening of U.S. Route 6 (Lake Road).

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