Monday, September 28, 2015

Lincoln Park Ballroom Grand Opening – September 1946

Back in February 2013, I did a short post on Lincoln Park Nite Club. At the time, I mentioned that the earliest listing in the Lorain Phone Book that I could find was in the 1947 edition.

So it makes sense that the above ad advertising the night club’s Grand Opening ran in the Lorain Journal on September 14, 1946. Apparently the business had existed in some form before, but according to the ad, it was now remodeled and under new management.

The ad promotes the appearance of Morrie Alexander and His 10 Piece Orchestra, featuring Alex Megesy, “the Lorain Boy Who Made Big Time.”

“Plenty of Free Parking” is also mentioned in the ad. (We all remember the trees in the parking lot and what a challenge it was to dodge them.)

Lincoln Park is another one of those Lorain businesses that are almost impossible to research, since it had a Stop (Stop 48) for an address, and was on the outskirts of town.

A teaser ad for the Grand Opening had appeared in the paper on Friday, September 13 (below).

Also on the page are ads for Eddie’s Blue Castle Sandwich Shop, the Sam Klein Company and two different ads (Eddy’s Market and Steve Polansky’s) pushing Kirkman Flakes at 26 cents a box.

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