Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Peggy Gillmore House – Then and Now

Courtesy Loraine Ritchey
Along with a small group of local history lovers, bloggers and residents of Charleston Village, a few weeks ago I was privileged to take part in a review of some of the late Peggy Gillmore's personal collection of historical documents and memorabilia.

Loraine Ritchey had kindly extended the invitation to me, and it was an interesting night examining many of Peggy's vintage documents, maps, photos, and articles not only about her famous family but her hometown as well. (Loraine wrote about this event here on her blog.)

Of particular interest to me was the vintage shot of the Gillmore residence on Oberlin Avenue at Fourth Street, since I love shooting "then and nows." On Sunday I happened to be going right by it when the sun was right, so I was able to get my shot.

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