Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trotter's Easter Ad – 1964

Here's a cute Easter-themed ad for Trotter's Office Supply, which was located at 515 Broadway in Lorain. The ad ran in the Journal on March 17, 1964 (and is the last of my 1964 Easter ads).

Roy Trotter was formerly a foreman at Thew Shovel before becoming a vice-president at Eldred's in the early 1950s. Eldred's was an outfitter of books, stationery and office supplies that was located at 375 Broadway.

Around 1957 or so the firm became Trotter's; by 1960 the firm had moved to the 515 Broadway location. It remained there until the mid-1960s, when the address became vacant.

Today the 515 Broadway address is part of the sprawling Lorain National Bank complex.

After the office supply company closed, Roy Trotter operated the Colonial and Blue Bird Bargain Store at 1644 E. 28th Street.

You don't hear too much about Gibson greeting cards these days. American Greetings acquired the firm in March 2000.

That's a good looking cartoon rabbit in the ad. It looks like the artist actually looked at a real one before trying to draw a cartoon one.

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