Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Sun Sets on Hanko's Family Restaurant

Fans of Hanko's Family Restaurant are no doubt shocked and sad about the loss of their favorite restaurant. It closed for good on November 16.
A simple sign taped to the door reads:
"Due to Andy's declining health, we are no longer able to keep Hanko's open. Saturday, November 16th 2013  we will be closing. Thank-you to all our loyal customers over our 49 years in business. Thank-you and God Bless.
– The Hanko Family"
While I was not a patron of the restaurant, I have never heard anything but nice things about the Hankos and great enthusiasm for their food, especially their perch. I know several people that were regular customers, and it was the favorite restaurant of a neighbor of my parents.

Here's a link to the restaurant's Facebook page, where many customers are leaving comments. There's also a nice set of photo albums.

Here's wishing the Hanko Family well and thanking them for being an important part of the lives of many Lorain Countians for so long. It's obvious that they will be missed.

Thanks to Jeremy for making me aware of the restaurant's closing.

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Anonymous said...

Had a very bad day at work and my husband said lets go to Hankos for dinner. We were shocked that it had closed. WE WILL MISS ALL OF THEIR GREAT FOOD! FROM THE PERCH DINNERS , LOBSTER BISQUE AND MANY OTHER MEALS WE HAD TRULY ENJOYED OVER THE MANY YEARS WE ATE THERE!