Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Potpourri: Dog 'n Suds & More

The view on Saturday
On Saturday, I swung by Dog 'n Suds on North Ridge to see if it was open yet as a public service to my readers. As you might recall, last year I didn't pay attention – and missed announcing the drive-in's seasonal opening by several weeks. I decided to make sure I didn't make that mistake this year.

Is it open? Not yet – but as the sign says, "See you April 1st."

By the way, the other drive-in in the area – Dinner Bell Drive-in – is open now. I forgot to mention last year that the drive-in installed a handsome new sign (below). I wonder if my blog post highlighting their old sign had something to do with it?

The view last July
I never did find the photos that I shot of the old Lincoln Park Night Club a few years ago when I drove around the grounds. That kind of trespassing is probably what the owners of the property are now trying to discourage with the barrels and signs currently blocking the entrance to the property.
So I drove over on Saturday and shot the photo below. 

After only seeing the building at night during my bar-hopping years, it's strange seeing it now in broad daylight. Wish I could get closer, but these days I try to avoid blog-related incarceration.


While out at Midway Mall on Saturday, I snapped (or whatever a digital camera does) the shot below of the Wendy's sign of the store on Griswold Road.

Why? Because the Wendy's logo and mascot were redesigned and sooner or later the sign will be a thing of the past.
It's too bad, because the new graphics are pretty bad (below).

It looks more like a logo for a children's clothing line – ugh. I liked the original logo's old-fashioned type font better because, after all, they're advertising old-fashioned hamburgers. Or they used to.
I also liked the original Pippi Longstocking-type mascot better as well. Sure, she was corny, but at least she had some personality and retro appeal instead of this pig-tailed impersonator.
Unfortunately, Wendy's logo redesign follows the pattern of other fast-food giants (such as Arby's) trashing their established logos in favor of a blander look.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

I agree, Dan, but the girl on the Wendy's commercial IS kinda cute.

Anonymous said...

Go by there again...That Wendy's was recented demolished - the Owner decided that the cost of upgrading was just too much.

Anonymous said...

I stand was the Arby's that got demolished and not the Wendy's