Friday, October 12, 2012

Murello Built Homes Ad - June 28, 1958

While  researching the Neuman farm house move on late 1950s newspaper microfilm at the library, I'm finding all sorts of things of interest. It was a time of big change in Lorain, and a lot of builders were doing their share to grow the west side.

This ad for Murello Built Homes caught my eye, because of the clip art featuring the typical American family back then, right out of Father Knows Best. (I would have said Leave it to Beaver, but the Cleavers didn't have a daughter.)

Anthony and Gisele Murello owned and operated Murello Construction, and were the builders and owners of the Almadien Village Apartments on Tower Boulevard in Lorain.

The company's headquarters on Oberlin Avenue appears to be active and still handling leasing for Almadien Village.

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Doug Majka said...

The buildings to the right of the Murello building are of the former Jakmas Plumbing and Heating. My father started working for Rudy Jakmas right out of high school - around late '54, and worked for the company for 44 years. It's odd, but I can't remember Oberlin Ave being a two lane road, even though we went that way on our way to Cleveland almost every other weekend. This would have been the late 60's and early 70's.