Monday, May 21, 2012

Lorain Arena Sold

I was happy to see this SOLD sign on the former Lorain Arena last week. It was way back in June 2010 (here) that realtor Bill Latrany gave me a tour of the place. Every time I've driven by it since then, I've looked to see if it had been sold yet.

I'm happy for Bill. He came oh-so-close to selling the property several times, but this one looks like the real deal at last. If you missed it, here is the link to the Morning Journal's story.

Speaking of that story, I was out of the town for the weekend and read the newspapers a few days late. I almost missed seeing my name in the article. (It sure is strange to see your name in the paper when you're not expecting it.)

Once again, congratulations to Bill Latrany for adding yet another Lorain icon to his list of 'sold' properties.

Ironically, I was working on an Arena story late last week. I had found an article in a Lima newspaper (of all places) that said that The Dick Clark Caravan of Stars was coming to Lorain on October 7, 1959. Scheduled to appear was Annette Funicello, Paul Anka, Lloyd Price, Duane Eddy, Jimmy Clanton, LaVern Baker, The Coasters, The Drifters, The Skyliners, Bobby Rydell, Phil Phillips, The Jordan Brothers and Arnold Dover as master of ceremonies.

Here's probably what the program looked like for that lineup.

I'll hit the microfilm later this week to confirm that the concert took place that day.


Tom McCartney said...

Re comments on Rock Concert - forgot to include my name.

Tom McCartney

Tom McCartney said...

I was at that concert. I believe the price was $2.50 in advance $3.00 at the door. When The Corner was open on 9th & Broadway, the program hung on the wall for years. Any body that was anybody was there in addition to who was mentioned. Fabian, Chubby Checker,Duane Eddy, Frankie Avalon, Fats Domino and anyone else. Now one star performs at a concert and it costs a fortune. And it was October 7.

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for confirming that for me, Tom! You have a great memory--and I'll bet that was a terrific concert!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can scan the article from the paper and post it on the site?