Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tornado-damaged Homes Then and Now

Archivist and historian Dennis Lamont sent me this vintage A. B. Reinhart photo (above) of some homes damaged from the 1924 Lorain Tornado. They're located on 5th Street, right across from Victory Park, which fronts West Erie Ave. (US Route 6).

Here's my 'now' shot from this past Saturday (below).

He also sent me this neat graphic comparing the September 1924 aerial view with the current one. According to Dennis, the Doane home is the one that is leveled in the vintage photo. "It was replaced with two smaller ones that are there today," says Dennis.

Thanks, Dennis! I never get tired of looking at Lorain Tornado damage photos (despite the fact that as a kid, I was always worried about another tornado coming back to wipe Lorain off the map once and for all).

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