Friday, July 15, 2011

The View from Eighth Street Then and Now

Here's the last ( I think) of that batch of 1986 Lorain images. It's looking north on Broadway from around Eighth Street. (Note the hood ornament. Now I know why I can't seem to match the angle of these shots exactly! Unfortunately my windows are too dirty to shoot through!)

And here's my matching shot from last weekend. It wasn't easy standing in the middle of Broadway trying to snap this.

By George, the 'now' shot actually looks pretty good compared to the 'then' shot. The trees have grown up and the sky is much bluer!

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ge13031 said...

1886 ..The Steel Plant was going strong ....with all pollution equipment up and running. Biggest pollutant was particulate matter. No matter how often we oiled and watered the roads, it still made a lot of dust. As they used to say "blue skies" are pretty expensive.