Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lorain High School Time Capsule

The whole 1914 Lorain High School Time Capsule story that has been unfolding during the last week is pretty interesting, don't you think? Here's the link for the original Morning Journal story.

Over the weekend, I hit the microfilm at the Lorain Public Library to see if there was anything interesting in the papers at the time the cornerstone was laid. The small article (below) appeared in the Lorain Daily News on Thursday, November 12, 1914. (Click on it for a readable version.)

According to the short article, originally there wasn't even going to be a ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone.

Another article (below) had appeared a few days earlier in the same newspaper. It sheds a little light on the contents of the time capsule.

The Lorain Times-Herald included this article on Thursday, November 12, 1914. (Sorry it's a little grubby – but it's still readable.)

Apparently it was a pretty bad day weather-wise when they laid the cornerstone, according to this account in the Lorain Times-Herald.

And here's the story from the Lorain Daily News about the ceremony.

Lastly, there seems to be a controversy brewing about the whole discovery of the time capsule last week! Click here to read the story in the Chronicle-Telegram!


Ken said...

What, no horny toad?

Dan Brady said...

Strangely enough, toads locked up in cornerstones are a real Texas thang!


Ken said...

Wal' Ah'll be dod-durned.