Monday, September 13, 2010

Shucks! Sweet corn season is almost over!

Yup, it's almost mid-September and the sweet corn season is winding down in Northern Ohio. Since my wife and I spend so much time out in Vacationland, we've had a lot of really great sweet corn from Hahn Farms on Bogart Road in Huron.

But this blog is about Lorain County – so I headed out this past Sunday for some local sweet corn. There are two right in the same stretch of Lake Avenue: Fenik's Sweet Corn and Shipula Farms. Both are always great, and I try to spread my wampum around between the two.

This time I went over to Shipula's since I also wanted some other goodies, including apples, a melon, tomatoes and a green pepper. Once I get started at these stands, it's hard to stop.

The corn was great and cooked up nice and tender. (That's it above.) I threw a couple tablespoons of sugar in the water while it was boiling just in case. I like things sweet – I've even put sugar on Sugar Pops (I mean Corn Pops) when my taste buds convinced me that the Kellogg's recipe was a little off that day!

Anyway, we're pretty lucky in Lorain County to have so many roadside produce stands minutes from our homes. That's why I rarely go to Farmers Markets – I'd rather just go directly to the farm itself and buy it from the family who grew it.

And there's nothing corny about that.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan...Is Penton's still around?

Hoy hoy,

Jeff Rash

Dan Brady said...

Hi Jeff,

Yes, it's still there! They've had to remove a lot of trees around the place in the last 10 or 20 years so it looks a little different.

I go there once in a while to get some kettle corn in a bag!