Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Well since it's Labor Day weekend, I pulled out my trusty Harry Volk Jr. Art Studio Clip Book of Ready-To-Use Art from 1953 to find a stock illustration to scan and drop in here. Here's what the book had in terms of "Labor Day" artwork. Oh well, I won't belabor the artwork (heh-heh) as to whether or not it still represents the 'working man' in 2010.

Today was a beautiful day in the Lorain area, sunny and just perfect in terms of temperature. It was also the perfect sky for photographs, so when I went out for groceries, I brought the camera along to capture a couple shots for all of you transplanted Lorainites who miss your beloved hometown.

As you can see, I took the circuitous route to Marc's & Apples at the Sheffield Center, oops, I mean Centre of Sheffield!

You're probably wondering (along with my wife)... if I was supposed to be going to the grocery store in Sheffield Township, what was I doing west of Lorain out on US 6 where Route 611 meets it at the undercut?

I'll explain in a future blog!

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Ken said...

Thanks for the pics, I needed a new wallpaper! But if I saw that joker with the sledgehammer coming down the street, you better believe I would cross over to the other side.