Thursday, September 2, 2010

1972 Shoe Listings in Lorain Phone Book

I commented a few days ago about how so many of the shoe stores in Lorain and the surrounding cities had vanished in the past few decades – and then when I wanted to rattle off some of their names, I realized I had forgotten many of them!

So to refresh my memory and yours, here's a page from the 1972 Lorain Phone Book showing what stores were still around back then. (Click on it for a large size version.) There was quite a selection of stores to choose from.

Nobil Shoe Co. seems to be the one that I remember my family patronizing the most. We would usually head out to the O'Neil Sheffield Center. But we also went to Januzzi's, Faflik Shoes, Pic-Way Shoe Mart (in South Lorain) and Thom McAn Shoes.

The listing for Steve's Shoe Repair brings back lots of memories. I wonder if he ever repaired the mountainous piles of shoes that always seemed to be there? He definitely could have used some of those magical cobbler elves that come out at night in fairy tales.

Fellow blogger (and regular reader of this blog) Alan Hopewell mentioned in a posted comment that he remembers going to McKee's. They're on this page, but only in small print as the old name of Tots to Teens Shoes.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

That "KICKS, MR." listing in the phone book was for MR. KICKS,a high-fashion men's shoe store that was run by the older brother of a friend of mine; thanks for the memory!

Drew Penfield said...

My dad remembers going to Frank's Shoe Shop when he was a kid, and I knew Frank's grandson Mike when he moved the shoe repair shop to Amherst. I love the stuff you dig up.

Terry Ross said...

fafliks shoes -- that was the ohe with the monkey!

Terry Ross
(1910 Skyline Drive)

terry ross said...

ohe = one

the sad typo

-Alan D Hopewell said...

I'd forgotten about Faflik's, and the monkey.

Doug Majka said...

Growing up in the 60's and 70's with two brothers and two sisters, Frank's used to be a stop on the way home from Nativity School.