Friday, April 30, 2010

I Wonder What Happened to Wonder Burger?

To close out this week (the last few days anyway) of mystery, here's an ad that I found in the 1965 Elyria phone book while researching Dog 'n Suds. The ad is for the Wonder Burger Drive-in.
This ad gets lumped into my 'mystery' theme because I'd never heard of it and can't seem to find out anything about it online. I don't know if it was a regional or national chain, or maybe even a single restaurant.
I did find a website for Wonder Burger, but it's located in Saudi Arabia. (They do deliver, though.) And there are a lot of Wonder Burger photos on flickr if you click here.
But was Elyria's Wonder Burger Drive-in a Mom-and-Pop place? Or a regional chain like Hamburger Station?

I wonder.


Anonymous said...

It's a Mr. Hero's now, although I don't know how long ago that happened. I wonder...

John Kovacs

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for the comment, John! I'll head back to the library this weekend and see what else I can find out about the elusive Wonder Burger!