Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fire Station Number One

Here's a great old postcard of Fire Station Number One that I found on the internet. (Ebay is a great source of Lorain memorabilia.)

I guess I'm going to have to do some research, because I am just now noticing that it is a different church building next door.
What's nice is that when you compare this postcard to the recent photo from my last blog entry, it looks like someone decided to restore the dormer on the roof to make it look like it did originally. (The dormer is not in the 1968 photo.) It's a nice touch.
One thing though. Why do I think of the Keystone Kops when I look at this postcard?


Anonymous said...

Do you know what year this postcard depicts?

Hoy hoy,

Jeff Rash

Dan Brady said...

This one was postmarked 1920.
The Lorain Public Library System's online History of Lorain states that the fire department began to switch from horse-drawn wagons to motorized fire trucks around 1912. Since posting this today, I saw on the Black River Historical Society's website that the First Congregational Church fell on Fire Station Number One during the 1924 tornado; that's why it looks different – it was rebuilt. I should have known that the tornado had something to do with it!