Monday, July 6, 2009

Don't forget to vote for your favorite Cedar Point ride!

If you live in Northeast Ohio, then you've undoubtedly been to Cedar Point, and probably have a favorite attraction that you remember or look forward to riding again.
   That's why I'm asking you to vote in my poll for your favorite classic Cedar Point Ride. Are you a fan of the Blue Streak, the first new roller coaster at the park in almost 20 years, when it opened in 1964? Did you enjoy getting dizzy in the gone-but-not-forgotten Rotor? Getting soaked on the original Mill Race?
   Perhaps you have fond memories of the giant German tavern dancer in the red dress that was featured on the Schwabinchen spinning ride. (Don't go to the park looking for her – she retired after the 2002 season!) Or maybe you're like me and you really enjoy the bird's eye view from the Space Spiral.
   Be sure to vote for your favorite classic Cedar Point ride in my poll (at right)! And thanks for participating!

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