Friday, June 12, 2009

Forgotten Fast Foods: Sandy's Part 3

Here's a Sandy's ad from the 1968 Lorain phone book. For some reason, the company gave Miss Sandy an extreme makeover in the late 1960s, changing her from a blonde to a brunette.
   Sandy's had a strong presence in Lorain County. Besides the Sandy's on Meister Road, there was another one in Lorain off of Route 57 at 2233 E. 42nd Street. Elyria also had several Sandy's locations, including 443 Cleveland Street, 393 Midway Boulevard and 641 Hilliard. (The Cleveland Street location was actually the first in the area, opening May 1, 1962.)
   Around 1972, Sandy's merged with Hardees, with most of the locations switching over to the Hardees name. Hardees managed to hang on at the Meister Road location for years, before finally closing at the end of the 1980s. The building was demolished and, ironically, today there is a McDonalds at the site.
   For more information about Sandy's, follow this link to a great website which is the definitive online source for information about the restaurant chain. The website includes a comprehensive history as well as photographs, ads, TV commercials and much, much more!

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