Friday, May 22, 2009

Lakeview Park Part 5

I almost forgot to mention the fountain down at Lakeview Park, which is certainly one of the more well-known landmarks in Lorain, along with the Easter Basket and the Lorain Lighthouse. Here's a few photos; one is courtesy of the book Images of Lorain, and the other is of my mother in front of the fountain back in 1946 (note bathhouse in the background.)
   In my well-thumbed copy of the 1940 Ohio Guide, written as part of the Writers Program of the Works Projects Administration, it refers to the fountain as the Lorain Memorial Fountain. The book adds that it gives 60 lighting effects every 6 minutes.
   I remember that my parents brought my siblings and I down to the park in our pajamas (at least once) to watch the fountain change colors. I wonder if parents still do that? 

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